Karen Horney neurotic needs and trends

Karen Horney life

Horney was born in 1885. She was a neglected second born. Horney envied from her older brother. His mother married not for love nonetheless beneath the concern of turning right into a spinster. Horney spent his full life in look for love; if she could not have love and security she would take revenge.

Karen Horney Opposing Freud

Psychoanalyst’s focused additional on males’s progress then on women. Horney completely happy a quite a bit emphasis on social relationship. People are motivated by the needs for security and love. She is totally opposing Freud she argued that psychoanalysis focused additional on males’s progress than on women’s.

To counter Freud’s competitors that women are pushed by penis envy, she proposed that males are envious of women for his or her means to supply starting. “I do know merely as many males with womb envy as women with penis envy,” she talked about Freud was not pleased with that remark, nor had been most male analysts.

Neurotic Needs

Irrational choices to 1’s points

1. Affection and approval

2. A dominant companion

3. Power

4. Exploitation

5. Standing Self-sufficiency

6. Non-public admiration

7. Non-public achievement

8. Self independence

9. Perfection

10. Slender limits to life

Rationalization of neurotic needs;

  1. Affection and approval

This need consist too be most well-liked or please totally different people and wish the expectations of others. Of us with this need are additional delicate to rejection and apperception from others.

  • A dominant companion

Of us with this need safer extreme with the concern of dealing of his companion. Most of time these folks exaggerated significance on love and likewise of life’s hassle.

  • Power

In these state of affairs folks seeks vitality for its private self. These people fear non-public limitations, helplessness and uncontrollable situations.

  • Exploitation

These folks exploit others to fulfill desired objects along with issues like ideas, money, and or moreover for vitality.

  • Standing Self-sufficiency

These folks often fear public embarrassment and likewise lose of social standing, supplies possessions, character, traits or expert accomplishment.

  • Non-public admiration

These folks want non-public admiration and have exaggerated self notion.   They want admire themselves on the underside of imagined self view not on actuality primarily based.

  •  Non-public achievement

In Horney precept her speeches that people receive grater and grater issue due to elementary insecurity.

  • Self independence

These folks dwell lonely on account of they heaving fear that they might be not dependent upon totally different people. In order that they stay away from making relationship with others.

  • Perfection

These folks having functionality to quickly change and cover up imperfection as a strategy to protect their perfection and likewise maintain their proud.

  1.  Slender limits to life

Individuals with this need want to remain unnoticed. Tshey stay away from wishing for supplies issue or making their very personal abilities and abilities.

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